“lack of integrity” running as a theme

Much as you might wonder why Time magazine chose a group symbolized by a guy defecating on a police car as their highlight of the year, Time is not alone. Peter Glover cites a litany of Lies, Damned Lies & Enviro-Fraud that show the same value system at play.

“The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda”. The late science writer Michael Crichton certainly put his finger on the spirit of our age.

Whether it is the BBC artificially creating nature in a nature documentary or selling airtime slots to climate crusading organisations in breach of its guidelines, Time and the BBC are not alone.

Last year, Josh Fox’s Gasland movie was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category as an expose of ‘fracking’ in shale gas. However, many suggested it be moved to the Best Fiction category when it was revealed that, factually, Gasland’s amounted to fracking nonsense as process has been used safely in mining for 60 years; that the 1 percent of fracking fluid that is not water is well regulated; and, oh yes, that methane in faucet water is a fairly common, entirely harmless, phenomenon.

Environmental issues are not the only ones being promoted and supported in deceptive ways. Chrichton’s warning was indeed appropriate.

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