Hugh summarizes left and right methods of argument

Hugh Hewett makes an observation that you can see as well.

First, I think the methods of argument on the center-right are much, much more fact specific, much less prone to vulgarity, profanity or the sort of personal attacks that create barriers to new readership. No matter what you think of Betsy Newmark’s thinking on a subject, for example, her language will never be in itself an obstacle to a reader’s return to her blog. Keeping this culture matters a great deal to the future growth and certainly influence of the center right bloggers.

Finally for today, though I may be expanding on this post from time to time, the intellectual seriousness of the center-right blogs is simply light years ahead of the left. That seriousness means an appreciation for argument, self-correction, and a willingness to absorb and respond to new information, which are habits which if transferred to center-right activists generally and the GOP specifically, will strengthen effectiveness at every level.

Support for this observation is why the Rove-Plame-Wilson nadagate story is interesting. It illustrates so many of these left vs right debate values and tactics and helps to identify who where in terms of intellectual integrity. The media and Democrat Partisan leaders and left side fanatics are heavily invested in an ‘evil administration’ paradigm. It lead them to early judgments and the effort to fit all of the investigation results into that paradigm has lead them to more and more ridiculous distortions.

There are several dangers involved. One is that the attempt to maintain the delusion is destructive. It becomes a self and other propaganda effort that atttempts to hide and distort reality and that leads to poor decisions, confusion, and empowerment of the wrong elements. The other is that realization will not come easy but will be cataclysmic. This tends to leave pieces scattered all over the landscape making healing more difficult.

Perhaps the first step is that illustrated by Hewitt. There are many people who assert that the problem exists on both sides. It seems it is difficult for them to believe that sincere and highly regarded people could devolve to some of the inanities and deceit that is so visible in public. Observation shows, though, that there are patterns in behavior that are distinct and different. Playing games with the meanings of words or using population outliers to represent the mean does not produce forward progress.

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