Bizarre? or indicative behavior

It is bizarre how the Left singles out a handful of individuals and groups for demonization, regardless of whether they have anything at all to do with the issue at hand. It is even more remarkable how the word goes out, and liberals in unison–whether MSNBC hosts, Democratic Congressmen or AFL-CIO functionaries–sing in unison from the same song book.

The issue is ‘voting rights’ and John Hinderaker describes The AFL-CIO’s “Voting Rights” Fantasy Land. It appears that the idea is that Republicans want to deny the right to vote to some people and Democrats are fighting for the voting rights – of the illegal aliens, felons, the un-interested, and those who can’t figure out how to register to vote.

The first tactic is to misrepresent the issue. That is the straw man that harks back to poll taxes and imagined burdens on potential voters.

A second tactic is to set up a villain – another straw man. Republicans as a group can only serve in limited ways so a narrower, more personal, target needs to be constructed. That is why recent protests with a few tens of marchers started their march at the New York offices of the Kock Industries.

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