Technical ignorance

Nifty new boat: Hydrogen-Powered Boat Creates Own Fuel from the Water. Ignorance on display:

Is it possible that this boat might be one of the first completely self-sustaining water crafts available? I don’t know, but the description sure makes it sound like it is.

It’s produced by Quimperié, a French company, and they aren’t saying if the boat needs other types of fuel, or if it can operate indefinitely using seawater.

The patent office still rejects perpetual motion machine ideas outright but the idea won’t go away.

The numbers in this case don’t add up, even with a very cursory look. A 500 horsepower motor requires significant energy storage behind it yet “The onboard generator will provide live hydrogen production, meaning that you won’t have to worry about unstable hydrogen tanks” – that onboard generator will need to run at greater than 500 hp to provide the hydrogen for the propulsion engine. How do you get such a generator in a 22 foot boat? What powers it?

The fact that the 2nd law of thermodynamics didn’t even occur to a supposedly technical blogger is an illustration about just how easy it is to sell a bill of goods and why scandals like Solyndra occur.

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