Reporting scandals

Haven’t heard much about Solyndra lately? How about the Black Panther voting place guards? Or maybe the MG Global bankruptcy? Ed notes a Witness: Corzine knew that customer funds flew and how that particular bombshell gets notice.

If confirmed, will this change the media coverage of Corzine and the MF Global scandal? Two of the three broadcast networks have avoided even mentioning that the former New Jersey governor and US Senator is a Democrat, and no one else is bothering to mention that Corzine was one of Obama’s biggest bundlers in this cycle, as well as Obama’s liaison to Wall Street for ginning up big bucks for the re-election campaign. I seem to recall the media getting into a lather over Ken Lay’s much less concrete connections to George W. Bush after Enron’s collapse.

There are a lot of excuses for this sort of thing, a lot of rationalizations. The key message is that one needs to be very careful about what one reads and to keep in mind that the whole story may not be on the table – you sometimes need to get out to the kitchen for the ‘good stuff.’

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