I want a head on a pike

Patrick J. Buchanan (05jl15) President vs. Press: The Media’s Attempt to Take Down Another Republican President

But with the baiting and hectoring of McClellan and the “death watch” of TV cameras outside Rove’s home every morning, the press should know it is not perceived here as advancing “the people’s right to know.” Everybody knows this is about what Watergate was about and Iran-Contra was about: ruining a Republican President the Left could not defeat at the ballot box.

Joel Mowbray (05jl15) Joe Wilson’s Credibility Problem

Which brings us back to the fundamental problem faced by the “get Rove” crowd: they need Wilson to be credible. He’s not. That’s all Rove was pointing out to Cooper—and only after the Time reporter asked him about it.

The press harangued the White House press secretary with allegation, innuendo, and even calls for his head.

Democrats in the Senate attempted to introduce a bill to remove Rove’s security clearance. Republicans responded with ammendments to remove Democrat leader security clearances.

Meanwhile, a reporter sits in jail for refusing to testify, a special prosecutor continues to try to find out what really happened, the Senate Intelligence Committee report is ignored by the Left, a parsing game is going on to try to assert that Ambassador Wilson didn’t say what he said, faux outrage over the revealing of a covert CIA agent is butting up against both legal conditions and real-life behavior, and the show continues.

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