The delusion is no trivial matter: Palestine

When the Ottoman empire was broken up after World War I, that part that the Jewish Kingdom the Romans labeled Palestine became the British Mandate of the Palestine. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 declared that this area was to be a “national home for the Jewish people.” Trying to make it so has been a source of conflict ever since. Daniel Horowitz uses a comment by Newt Gingrich to highlight the issues involved. “This land has nothing to do with a Palestinian people; it was illegally part of Jordan for 18 years. 80% of the so-called Palestinians are Jordanian Arabs. Hence, there already is a ‘Palestinian state’ in Jordan.”

One of the most incorrigible fallacies pertaining to the Middle East is the notion that the Palestinians are entitled to a state of their own. This fallacy stems from the misconception that there is a nation of ‘Palestinians’, and to the extent that such a nation exists, this name is an accurate representation of the Arabs who live in modern Israel. This artful manipulation of the geopolitical lexicon was meant to bestow upon a group of random Arabs a false sense of geographical ties to the Holy Land.

It is an example an ideological group creating a falsehood upon which to rationalize their views. Horowitz identifies another example: “The Palestinians are the global warming climate change of geopolitical conflict.  They use deceptive parlance to advance their agenda.”

The lesson is one of just how far some people will go to try to bend reality to what they want to be rather than to try to deal with reality as it is. That bending is costly in many currencies from human misery and suffering to gold and wealth.

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