Consequences and Integrity

Leon Wolf describes how Ron Paul Goes Full Metal Truther

Ron Paul has now moved from saying that 9/11 was our fault (which was despicable enough) to now saying that it’s something our government actually wanted to happen. Put this up there with Ron Paul’s belief that Southeast Asia got much better after we left Vietnam (a viewpoint doubtless shared by millions of massacred Southeast Asians – but hey, at least we trade with Vietnam now) on the all time list of Ron Paul’s contemptible and publicly-expressed beliefs. Add to this the fact that Ron Paul is a liar and a hypocrite on spending, who has built a career larding up appropriations bills with pork for his home district and then casting meaningless votes against their final passage, and I have to confess that I don’t really see the appeal of Ron Paul to Iowa voters. Well, the Republican ones, at least.

Charlie Quidnunc connects the dots as the NLRB Butts Out of Boeing’s Business

Two interpretations:

* Nice company you have there, stockholders of Boeing. It would be shame is something happened to it. We bought and paid for the President, we want our money’s worth. Sick your attack dogs on them, Barak.
* Nice union you have there, workers of Boeing. It would be a shame if all the work went away. We pay your salaries and generous benefits on time, we want our money’s worth. Sign the new agreement and make the attack dogs go away.

I think they are both true. What do you think?

The Coyote offers Two Appologies:

1. I had thought that libertarians and conservatives were overwrought when they accused the Obama administration of using their own gun sales in the Fast and Furious program to argue for increased gun control. …

2. I had thought it an exaggeration when Conservatives accused Obama of being a Marxist. …

And Maggie sums up the damage with a historical allegory with a case to illustrate that A President With Illusions Costs Lives.

The US held a moral stance toward eliminating Germany’s Nazi leadership and German rule over Europe. But, aside from desires, the US placed its eggs in the basket of a better postwar relationship with Stalin, rather than the freedom of Eastern Europe. … Illusions about postwar cooperation with Stalin certainly came more into play to prolong the war, and increased the dangers and intensity of the postwar Cold War. The lack of clear and resolute postwar US goals for democracy in Eastern Europe and the failure to exert the forces we had in the last months of the war, not advancing to Prague and Berlin, doomed millions to death and tens of millions to 45-years of Soviet oppression.

Ron Paul illustrates just how fantasies about Stalin still exist as fantasies about Vietnam and Cambodia. The horrors seem to be overlooked. That is in the same league as the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 fantasies that attempt to project the Japanese or Al Quaida terrorist lack of feel for human suffering on the U.S. But the two apologies illustrate that there is need to be concerned and the Cold War example shows why.

The Ron Paul approach is not constructive and its detachment from reality often leads to much cost and suffering. Taking note of scandal and of history can lead to much better corrective outcomes. The choice of which path to take is the one being confronted now and it is in need of attention because of the scandals and because of the prominence of the ‘truthers’. Will reason and intellectual integrity and reality drive the decisions or will fantasy and conspiracy theories? There will be consequences.

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