Business competition?

Some of the ugliest business competition ads have started appearing on KKOH radio. The issue is that Reno TV Channel 2 was dropped from the DISH Network (KTVN disappears from Dish Network menu – RGJ). It appears that KTVN wanted a 288% increase for the privilege of carrying their content to DISH subscribers. Dish didn’t go for that increase so KTVN is angry and buying advertising to bash DISH.

Broadcast TV has a considerable expense for the transmission facilities they build and use to reach out to their viewers. Rather than see satellite and cable as less expensive means to reach out to a broader audience, it appears that KTVN sees it as a cash cow. Instead of spending money to reach audiences as with over-air broadcasting, they want media conduits to pay them for the privilege.

It is one thing to pay for content such as Netflix and movies. It is another to pay for advertiser supported media such as is typical with broadcast TV.

The muddle of the model arose because of early cable TV and the rise of cable TV channels. Those channels hawked their wares to cable TV companies that needed to fill bandwidth and create offerings to attract cable customers. The licensing constraints applied to cable TV and requirements to carry local channels also made an impact. Finally, the I’net and programming on demand has further clouded the issue. Dealing with such issues has caused much screaming and yelling. Network neutrality is one example. KTVN’s attacks on DISH are another.

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