warped anti-capitalism thinking: give back you corporations!

The RGJ section to honor companies that give headline is an example of the insidious anti-capitalism propaganda that constantly faces the public. Why is this headline such an item?

On Dec. 18, RGJ Media will publish a special “Corporate Giving” section honoring local businesses that give back to the community. The RGJ will publish, at no charge, your company name and up to 10 of your beneficiaries.

“Give back” implies a taking to be returned. What is this taking that a corporation removes from a community? Jobs and employment? Citizen convenience in obtaining goods and services they desire?

This is particularly delicious in light of the bargain being offered: free publicity coupled with an association between your business and politically correct causes.

It is the assumptions and preconceptions coupled with a tinge of ignorance that illustrates a lack of intellectual integrity.

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