Stages of denial: climate alarmists exposed

Often it is the issue itself that gets the attention. Intellectual integrity is behind that and visible in the behavior such as the use of logical fallacies or irrational debate. The climate alarmism debate has stimulated behavior that is so predictable and obvious that the behavior is getting more notice. James Delingpole takes off on the Kübler-Ross model (commonly known as The Five Stages of Grief, was first introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. [wikiepedia]) in Climategate 2.0: the Warmists’ seven stages of grief.

Here’s an amusing analysis of the warmist trolls’ various lines of defence, which I picked up from the comments at Watts Up With That: (I wd give a hat tip except I’ve gone and lost the bit: if anyone can re-find it for me let me know)

Stage 1: they aren’t real emails
Stage 2: they are real emails but they aren’t in context
Stage 3: they are in context, but that’s how scientists work
Stage 4: ok, this isn’t really science, but you guys stole the emails!
Stage 5: this is old stuff
Stage 6: this is nothing
Stage 7: look everyone! Winter storm! See, we have proof of our theories now.

Repeat as needed

The issue at hand is how to deal with another email message archive that exposes the intent and behavior of the ‘scientists’ behind climate alarmism. The ‘true believers’ are having difficulties and it shows in their responses. These are most blatant in the first two of the Kübler-Ross stages, denial and anger. The stages of bargaining, depression, and acceptance are more difficult to detect and likely yet a long time away as they are a constructive path towards coping with an existing reality.

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