Violence, unrest, and symbols (guns)

A while back the rhetoric was about civility and how targeting goals promoted a shooting. Now, the same ideological leaning people are protesting and Scott Johnson has an update on the Occupy crime wave update. At some sites, a special tent has been set up for a women’s quarters with guards to inhibit rape and similar assault. See also Assaults raise concerns about crime at Occupy L.A. (ht Glen Reynolds). Glen also cites Mark Steyn (MARK STEYN: Way back in 1968, after the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, Mayor Dale…) and the mayor who was there to “preserve disorder” in describing the Oakland Riots.

Then there’s the gun control efforts. This one is towards the idea that the ends justify the means and it is the Attorney General that is in the spotlight. THE HILL: Eric Holder Has A Gun Problem. As the chief law enforcement officer Attorney General E…. That one appears to be an effort to get guns into crime scenes so they can be blamed for the crime and rationalize an effort for gun control.

There is a contrast. Media initially proclaimed it as a similarity but that effort has worn thin as the contrasts have become more blatant and obvious. Sometimes gaining a grip on reality as it is is difficult.

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