At least a propaganda campaign is rational

From Wall Street to Egypt, we’re getting packaged news that bends reality to fit the liberal spectrum. That’s why alternative sources of news are so crucial to preserving our sanity – and our liberty.

Robert Knight, Washington Times, Massaging the news for the masses.

Liberal press bias has been so stark and the lying by omission so blatant that it’s time to take stock again. Here are some examples culled from the “mainstream media,” a term conditioned with quote marks because the media are seriously out of step with America’s mainstream.

There is the idea that that the Tea Party and the Occupy mobs are equivalent. The contrasts are stark. Knight lists a few. Doesn’t matter as you won’t hear about them unless you ‘alternative’ media, such as the Occupy Exposed website that has been hacked and subject to denial of service attacks and other criminal activities for posting local news clips and other reports about just how despicable the Occupy mob behavior really is.

Then there is the class warfare effort. That one gets to the zero sum game model where the rich only get that way by stealing from the poor .. or is it just pure greed and envy by those who want to riches without having to build and create to earn it?

Religious bigotry is in there, too. It is like castigating Steve Young for Mormon roots while ignoring Harry Reid. Consistency seems to be one of the first victims.

It doesn’t help when the public is faced with a delusional propaganda campaign but it is still within the responsibilities of each individual to step up and realize what is really going on.

There is more …

Ann Coulter says that if she were a liberal, “I wouldn’t acknowledge these facts, or any facts. I would close my eyes, cover my ears, demand that MSNBC fire Pat Buchanan and the FCC pull the plug on Fox, and pretend to believe that taxpayer-funded “green” projects and an ever-increasing supply of public school teachers were the only things that separated us from Armageddon.”

Thomas Sowell talks about the media and ‘bullying’ noting that the group in vogue has special advantages. “Our schools are already too lacking in the basics of education to squander even more time on propaganda for politically correct causes that are in vogue. We do not need to create special privileges in the name of equal rights.”

Patrick Michaels notes how the BEST science is not a press release in the latest example of science for propaganda rather than insight.

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