Put toes in piranha infested water?

Steven Hayward takes note of the wrong apology. The idea offered by Robert J Samuelson was for previous presidents Bush and Clinton to take on an apology tour for their failure to tackle entitlement reform. That sort of thing tends to ignore the fact that the government is a bit more than just a president.

The point is, Samuelson is being a little unfair to both men, though his thought experiment isn’t entirely risible. Instead of an apology tour, it might be interesting for both men to speak candidly about their experience of putting their toe in the reform waters, and having it bit off by the piranha politics of our time.

Hayward notes how the impeachment of Clinton and the Katrina disaster had important contributions to this topic as well. Those events provide examples of unintended consequences in unforeseen events worth keeping in mind as well.

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