Modern philosophies have roots

Three stories make a bigger picture when seen together. Pruden describes the sincerity of hype and hope with regards to Steve Jobs. “He was the secular prophet for the secular age, preaching the gospel of the technology that offers salvation, but only a salvation of better and more beautiful machines.”

A contrast is Stephen Wolfram talking about his baby in The Background and Vision of Mathematica. “I started out—in my teens—as a physicist. And doing theoretical physics requires doing lots of mathematical calculation. And I figured: these calculations are kind of mechanical. Why can’t I just get a machine to do them?”

Then there’s David Keene describing how Democrats are slowly abandoning democracy. “As the polls have turned against them, many Democratic liberals are beginning to doubt the wisdom not only of allowing people to make their own decisions, but of letting voters have anything approaching a free hand in electing those who will lead them. Most people, after all, can’t be expected to know what or who is good for them. They make mistakes, and mistakes are not easily tolerated by an elite convinced that it knows best.”

The background for this is the Occupy Wall Street Mobs. The Democrats have made overtures towards owning them. The Unions have hire folks to participate in the mobs. Their focus is to bring down those evil, greedy corporations who are stealing from the masses — except for Steve Jobs and Apple.

Where does Wolfram fit in? He is like the TEA Party, the guy who just wanted to get something done and then went and did it. Steve Jobs was a visionary and money man that depended upon people like Steve Wozniak to make it happen. The Democrats also have a vision but their ‘engineering’ has gone sour as sometimes vision and reality can’t get together in an engineering solution. Wolfram has built an idea machine so that those who want to play with numbers have a toolset available to facilitate their efforts.

There are people who build and create and have to be in touch with reality to do so. That is an intellectual integrity. With many on the left, this seems to be missing.

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