Fisking: N Korea, Clinton, Levin

B. Preston’s Junk Yard Blog (North Korean Blame Game) provides an illustration of how disengenuousness has permeated politics.

I missed this editorial on Monday but thanks to a reader I’m now caught up. It’s written by two Democrat Senators, Clinton and Levin, one of which is sure to run for the White House in 2008. Thus, the thinking it exposes and espouses is interesting. And so we begin an old-school fisking:

And there is another one about the mother of all connections

Shrinkwrapped calls it “extremism” and seeks to discover “What kinds of objective factors could be used to define the term ‘extreme’ in political terms. ” He goes on and on trying to figure out how to objectively define extreme in politics.

However, as a first approximation, if your arguments are based on passion and you have little ability to support your conclusions by citing factual data, and especially, if your pronouncements are liable to put people at risk, you are most likely an Extremist. You may “know” that Bush lied and that American soldiers have abused the Koran and “know” it in the absence of any ability to confirm your “knowledge”…but absent confirmation, repeating the charges ad nauseum makes you an Extremist; if you believe things in the absence of confirmatory information (as opposed to opinion) you are treading on thin, paranoid, ice. This deserves further discussion.

It seems that this is being a bit easy on the extremists. Using the North Korea and Iraq terrorist connections examples provided by Junkyard Blog, the ‘extreme’ label can start with the severe disconnect between belief and reality and there is no need to pussyfoot around it. The “first approximation” has many examples to show that there is more than just passion driving a warped view of reality. It seems that this harsh reality is something many do not want to confront and call for what it is.

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