Going after the seed corn: Wall Street Mobs

The seed corn is what you keep from the previous crop in order to grow the new one. That is the role of capital in growing businesses. Wall street is the market for that ‘seed corn’ but it is under attack.

“This dispirited movement appears to be composed of a confused collection of leftist 20-somethings who blame globalism, trade, the Federal Reserve Bank, investment brokers, corporations and capitalism in general for all of our economic ills and rampant unemployment.

They’ve dubbed their anti-capitalism protest “Occupy Wall Street,” declaring that the nation’s financial center is the source of all evil and, thus, all of our troubles.”

Donald Lambro describes the Dark delusions of Wall Street protesters and how Leftist profs have misled young minds about the blessings of wealth creation.

“Much of this anticorporate, anti-wealth, anti-capitalism rhetoric sounds like it is straight out of college economics courses taught by left-wing professors. They are still there, raging against big business and capitalism, brainwashing naive students who believe that stuff and vote accordingly.

Then again, we live in the Age of Obama, a time when our president is fond of blaming big banks, corporations, hedge fund managers, Wall Street and “millionaires and billionaires” for all of our economic turmoil.”

The behavior is that of trying to find blame for one’s woes and letting greed and envy overtake any rational analysis. The reason why Wall Street under attack is, in part, in that it is a symbol. Many folks older than the ones Lambro sees, maybe even their parents, have seen retirement efforts questioned as the stock market has dived and tumbled in the recent recession. It is a blame the messenger and not even see the message problem.

“Wall Street? Clearly these kids do not understand who really benefits from the stocks and bonds that are bought and sold there. More than half of all Americans now own a part of the nation’s corporate economy through their investments. Business pension funds, 401(k) retirement accounts and mutual funds have opened up investing and wealth-creation to millions of Americans in every income bracket.”

Lambro does have some optimism

“Don’t give up on these kids just yet. A lot of them out there have big dreams of starting a successful business, making a lot of money, creating millions of jobs and, in the process, rebuilding the American economy.”

But those kids aren’t in the protests. They are too busy growing the economy, one small business at a time. If they can find the capital they need and can figure a way to make a profit despite all of the rules, regulations, taxes, and fees that target them.

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