What gets lost in the noise in the class wars

So many get stuck on the zero sum game — they think the rich got that way by taking it from others. The

Attack Machine

cites Andy Kessler to describe how billionaires really “give back”

The first example is that of Wilson Greatbach. He invested $2,000 of his own money to develop his pacemaker invention. He got a lot of wealth and the rest of us got a bit of an escape from debilitating or fatal heart problems.

Another example is Steve Jobs who is famous for not parading around large donations and grants to charities. What has Apple done for you lately? The focus seems to be on what the gazillionairs do with their money and not what they gave us to earn it. Besides Jobs, Gates, Page, and Brin are noted.

“It’s inevitable but wrong. Because they, like Wilson Greatbatch, have done their part to create wealth for society by inventing and being in business and investing their profits into even more productive products and services. That’s “giving back.” Taxes and charity are just gravy.”

You can’t see if you don’t open your eyes to see seems to be the message.

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