The politicization of science

Steven Hayward cites an EPA inspector general’s report as a ‘comparison and contrast’ in regards to the politicization of climate research. There is also political hypocrisy in the case of how Alan Carlin was treated when he first highlighted the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations issues compared to NASA’s James Hansen’s complaints during the previous administration.

On the Carlin and Hansen compare and contrast:

“Remember all the fuss made when the Hitler Bush Administration supposedly put a gag on NASA’s chief climate wacko James Hansen? And this gag consisted of . . . having a low-level political appointee listen in on Hansen’s press calls. … the Obama Administration’s Dept. of Health and Human Services has just announced a new policy whereby no one may speak to the media without prior approval from the HHS press office (run by political appointees, of course)

in 2009, when the EPA announced its “endangerment” finding to justify its planned regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, Alan Carlin, a 35-year veteran EPA employee who ran the EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics, produced a 98-page critique of the climate science the EPA used in its finding. Carlin’s report concluded, “We believe our concerns and reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of the science by the EPA.”

You can guess what happened next. The Obama Administration, the one supposedly dedicated to transparency and “restoring science” in public policy making, squashed Carlin’s report and told him to cease and desist any further analysis on climate change issues.”

Hansen is off the wall and that may be one source of his tantrums and continuing presence in the noise. Carlin, despite heavy green credentials, has not been throwing tantrums and has been rather invisible but his views have been given credence in the EPA IG report. The impact of that report can be seen in the behaviors it stimulates.

“Roger Pielke Jr. observes how the climate campaigners are all circling the wagons, saying “move along, nothing to see here,” and noting that “I’d speculate that these observers would have had different reactions had this report been requested by Henry Waxman in 2006 about the last administration’s EPA. . . during the Bush Administration concern about processes to ensure scientific integrity were all the rage”

The standards have changed. That is political, not scientific. It needs examination and understanding.

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