Degradation of the culture

Matthew May describes it as American Citizens and the Drift from First Principles:

“He let them down easy. But the unstated premise of the questions was frightening: any problem, no matter how anecdotal, no matter how easily solved privately or personally, no matter how irrelevant, demands a response from government. Looking to the government immediately rather than as the absolute last resort has become the default position of too many Americans.

This conditioned begging for the attention of Washington or Boston — with no thought of the consequences it entails — is symptomatic of a citizenry that has lost its moorings. It is a misapplication of the basic reasons for and functions of government. It is a perversion of the phrase self-government. The more we expect our problems to be solved by distant central planners, the farther we drift from that which made our nation unique and the reason for its existence.”

This is related to the ‘class warfare’ rhetoric to make the ‘rich’ pay their fair share. Greed and envy are the underlying emotions. Reason, sanity, and intellectual integrity get left in the dust. It is indeed a drift from those first principles that resulted in so many benefits to our society and the individuals within it.

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