Expression of bias: assigning motivation and desire to groups

The topic is Cain’s 9-9-9 idea and, along the way to describing that idea’s fundamental principles, Rick Newman illustrates a common behavior illustrating bias. See Why Herman Cain’s economic plan has merit. The evident bias example is the straw man logical fallacy. That is, assigning intent, motivation, or desire to a group in a manner that is convenient for one’s viewpoint. Here are some examples from this US News item.

“most other Republican presidential candidates basically follow the conservative script”

“Liberals would howl about working-class people paying taxes”

“Conservatives hate the idea of a national sales tax”

“Politicians exploit the information overload of the digital era”

“Many people feel overwhelmed, powerless and angry.”

“Cain will probably step off the national stage soon, as Republicans choose a more prominent candidate “

Yes, it is supposedly opinion. The line being crossed is that between judgment and opinion. It is one thing to like some ideas, it is another to proclaim what is good and what is bad.

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