The manner of conducting science

Some have noted the difference in behavior between the superluminal neutrinos claim and human caused global warming claims. See Superluminal neutrinos vs global warming describing Walker White in a letter to the editor of the Washington Post.

“The Sept. 24 front-page article “Faster than light: Revolution or error?” was remarkable. After more than 100 years, a potential flaw in Albert Einstein’s unifying theory has emerged through experimentation. However, it is what did not happen that is more important. No “relativity deniers” were castigated by the press or political groups.  No financial regulations were created to prevent people from traveling to the future to reap profits on events they knew would happen. No one resigned in protest.”

Lubos says

“So the controversy surrounding the superluminal OPERA experiment is defined much more sharply, goes to the very basics of physics as a physical science, and is equally divisive as the global warming arguments. However, what is happening is actually very different: no one screams at “deniers” on the other side (deniers of relativity or deniers of OPERA’s experimental results). No one, not even your humble correspondent, proposes special labor camps where the wrong people would be stored. ;-)”

There is a difference. Behavior can be a measure.

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