Identifying the problem: homosexual activists

Gary Anderson says We didn’t ask but they’re telling anyway, Homosexual celebration violates tenet of service before self. The policy change in the military is portrayed in such terms as “acceptance” and “rights” and similar high sounding rhetoric but the question is – why such a ruckus about one’s sexual preferences in public?

Make no mistake, this issue is not about acceptance; it is about the desperate compulsion that some in the homosexual community have to celebrate their lifestyle. That is the problem: It is all about them, not the country, not their service and not their comrades.

What is the agenda?

Most people I have served with have known or supposed that someone they worked with was homosexual. As long as that person was competent and did not disrupt the unit, the assumption was that what he did off-duty was no one else’s business. But that is not the agenda here. The real purpose is to make the rest of the unit openly embrace the entire lifestyle, and that will be disruptive to good order and discipline, even though the uniformed lackeys who have supported this change in policy deny it will cause problems.

The effort is one of guilt seeking innocence. The problem is that innocence doesn’t happen by having society say you are OK, especially when that OK is not of free will.

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