Tactics: logical fallacies

Patterico provides the obligatory notice of the ‘everybody does it’ but then observes that there is a difference in quantity or quality or something in The Increasing Thuggery of the Fringe Left.

“Increasingly, this is how the fringe left in this country operates. If they don’t like your views, they will mischaracterize your position and use that as an excuse to attack you personally. … Every time it happens, it needs to be exposed. As long as we stay alert to it and refuse to be intimidated, it is not a winning strategy for them — as long as we keep the spotlight on the cockroaches.”

In playing poker, it is about making the call. It is time to raise the stakes or put the card on the table. It is time to expose the bluff. It appears that there is more of a tendency to call the logical fallacies and outright false allegations this way and not letting the perpetrator win the round by not calling the offer. That should encourage a bit more integrity in debate.

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