Agenda driven ‘research’

At PhysOrg, a Study reveals cultural characteristics of the Tea Party movement. The headline offers the first clues that the ‘research’ might not be so ‘scientific.’ It sets up a straw man that it can define as a study desires and that straw man is a political group often despised by the left and academia.

Then you get into the ‘findings’ and can see that they fit a very well defined stereotype used by a political opposition to the Tea Party movement. That should stimulate a good deal of skepticism which is supported by looking at the methodology.

This sort of research is of the same ilk as the opposition research that is in full gear to attempt to diminish and impugn Governor Perry of Texas. The report should fall more into the category of propaganda. The fact that it is presented as a research paper in the social sciences tends to impugn and taint proper scientific research.

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