Dissembling: an example.

Greg Sargent seems to think the Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie.

the protests from Democrats were prompted by Scott Walker’s proposal to strip public employees of their bargaining rights, protests that were later sustained by the deep cuts in his budget, leading to the recall drive.

The column illustrates several tactics often found in the straw man approach. The ‘rights’ at issue were not lied about and not falsified and not hidden. In the recall elections, the unions spend massive amounts of money to get their view of the word out. The outrage such as illustrate by Sargent is a false one and doesn’t really clarify just exactly what he thinks is the actual issue involved in the Republican malfeasance

The crux of those collective bargaining ‘rights’ that was the hot potatoe was the manner for paying dues. State law used to make it such that the unions could get dues from everyone in a worker class via payroll deduction. That was changed so workers could opt out of the union and members of the union would have to pay dues directly.

The demagoguery such as this coupled with the faux outrage and personal attacks tend to obfuscate the issues at hand. The question in front of the country is whether people buy into it or see past it for what it really is.

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