Where’s Daniel Boone?

Wikipedia notes an inscription carved into a tree in present Washington County, Tennessee which reads “D. Boon Cilled a. Bar [killed a bear] on [this] tree in the year 1760”. It doesn’t appear that the death of a bear is celebrated the same way these days. The RGJ story is about a candlelight ceremony to remember a bear killed in Incline Village.

A candlelight memorial is planned Saturday in Incline Village as criticism mounts over the killing of a bear there by Nevada wildlife officials.

The event marks the July 24 death of a 5-year-old male black bear, dubbed “Charlie,” at an Incline shopping center and is designed to call attention to what critics call a growing trend of killing bears.

It was a “very sweet and gentle bear” you see. The problem isn’t the bear invading trash cans or even kitchens but rather those nasty humans who need to accommodate the bear’s needs and inclinations by using bear proof garbage bins and such things.

The difficulty with this view is that the bears don’t understand the nuances. They go for food wherever they can find it. The protection of bears is one reason why there are so many encounters in towns like Incline Village. A 360 pound hungry bear does not tend to respect the ‘cute and fuzzy’ idea and that can be very dangerous for humans who get between it and food. How much property damage will occur and how many people will be mauled before those who plan a memorial for the bear get to where they understand the reality of nature?

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