New civility and MSM culpability

Capt’n Ed describes it and wonders This “new civility” sure is impressive, no?

Remember when, in the wake of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Left’s commentariat blamed Tea Party “extremist rhetoric” for the violent attack that left several dead and many more wounded in Tucson?

The Giffords shooting provided the stimulus that brought the idea of civility in political conversation to a convenient focus. There have been a number of incidences since then when some have wondered about why the rhetoric then seems to have passed on. The debate about the debt ceiling has provided a comparison and contrast that is fairly easy to discern.

Not only is the media not scolding Democrats like Biden who engage in vitriolic and entirely demagogic attacks in violent terms, the mainstream media keeps engaging in it. … The New York Times’ Joe Nocera is one of four Times columnists that compares Tea Party activists to terrorists

Dr. Krauthammer has noted that the vitriol and lack of civility is fundamentally an inability to deal with loss couple with an inability to rationalize with the loss or their desired view of the situation.

The key is really whether or not the public sees the lack of civility for what it is or whether they choose to condone it or even, perhaps, participate in it.

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