Tactics: holier than thou

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sounds so nice. Like the names of so many socialist and communist nations with words like “people’s” and “republic” and other ‘good’ words, the name may be a bit misleading. Robert Knight thinks it might be time to disarm partisan CREW.

Miss O’ Donnell has taken more than her share of abuse from everybody from the liberal press to Republicans sore at her for knocking off liberal Rep. Mike Castle in the primary. Now she’s firing back. This week, she asked the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to investigate CREW for engaging in political attacks and to revoke its tax-exempt status. “I’m doing this for all of us,” she told a gathering of conservatives in Washington last week.

Organizations like CREW file complaint after complaint after complaint. They are investigated by the appropriate authorities and nearly all of them are found to be baseless. The overhead and cost of defending against such complaints is why Governor Palin resigned in Alaska. O’Donnell is attempting to hold these complaining organizations accountable. It may be the start of a backlash against unscrupulous political tactics.

But then, there are the attacks on the Tea Party labeling them will all sorts of allegations and accusations. When confronted, the name callers say the Tea Party folks are acting like children and they are the adults in the room. Say what?

Since the 60’s, the trend has been to consider politicians, especially those not on the left, as guilty until proven innocent – and innocent only means ‘we haven’t found what we want about this scurrilous scumbag, yet.’ Such tactics will hold until the public tires of them and starts to hold the accusers accountable for their destruction and costs.

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