Both sides do it? Make no discrimination, make no progress.

Peter falls into the ‘both sides do it trap’ in Politics, economics and reality.

Note that it doesn’t matter which political party promises ‘bread and circuses’ at public expense. Both parties do it. It was the Republican party that passed huge increases in farm subsidies, to benefit its constituents. It was the Democratic party that passed Obamacare, with its enormous subsidies to special interest groups supporting that party. Both parties are equally guilty of misusing taxpayers’ money to subsidize those who support them.

The problem here is that differences are not always binary, yes or no, type things. In politics, differences are matters of degree and scale. If you measure things in such a way as you can see no differences between individual politicians or between political parties, then you have no means to make any effective decisions about party or politician to support or to influence.

There is another issue with this ‘both sides do it’ meme. It is that such rationalization is blame shifting.

Of course, there are still all too many people who’ll vote the party ticket, no matter what: but they’re part of the problem in this country, not the solution. If even 10% of the electorate will vote for principle rather than party, we’ll see a major transformation in Washington. Let’s make it happen!

Perhaps most of the electorate believes it is voting for principle rather than party and what we have is the result. The implication is that the focus needs to be on ‘educating’ the electorate properly. What is seen in Washington D.C. is merely a reflection of the desires and principles of the people who voted them into office. Helping those people ‘see the light’ is not going to helped by providing them with a scapegoat. It only promotes social segregation: politicians versus the common man. As one sage said, ‘we have met the enemy and it is us.’

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