Good faith immunity only for the nobility

Glen describes the problem of the proliferation of criminal laws. There are now very many ways to be a criminal and often the wording of the law or regulation is such that criminality is a matter of interpretation. That tends to make a farce of the presumption that common citizens should know what is legal and what is not.

The ‘nobility’ isn’t burdened with this presumption of knowledge.

I think ordinary citizens should enjoy the same “good faith immunity”
that law enforcement officials enjoy. That they do not is, I suggest, a
violation of the Constitutional injunction against titles of nobility.
One thing that a title of nobility grants, after all, is exemption from
laws that bedevil the little people.

What this means is that it depends more than ever on who you know and who you are as to whether you are going to be harasses with criminal complaints. The law can be used as a social weapon not just for criminality but also for ideologies.

It isn’t just the exemption from criminal complaint, it is also a weapon to against others. The Murdoch case provides the current example on this.

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