Gunwalker: Heard of this scandal?

Watergate was a matter of theft and cover-up. The media went after it tooth and nail. Iran Contra was a neat trick that, however, ignored the instructions of Congress. The media went after that, too. There is one now that involves illegal gunrunning, homicides, and cover-ups. Have you seen much of it in the media?

John makes a comparison and contrast of the coverage of a U.S. scandal and a U.K. scandal in Fast and Furious vs. News of the World.

Fast and Furious has all the ingredients of a major news story; a story that may force the resignation of the Attorney General.

Then we have the News of the World story. … the paper somehow hacked into certain cell phones, including those of celebrities and crime victims. This revelation has provoked a considerable outcry in the U.K.

Now, which of these stories should be of greater significance to a serious American newspaper?

But the New York Times apparently doesn’t see it that way. My count, based on a search of the paper’s archives, is that the Times has run 42 articles, op-eds and editorials on the News of the World story. Fast and Furious? By my count, five. Does that bizarre ratio reflect the paper’s bias? Presumably so; it consistently tries to protect the Obama administration. But for a newspaper to virtually ignore a major story like Fast and Furious goes beyond bias. It suggests a complete lack of seriousness as a news source.

A “lack of seriousness as a news source” if probably being rather kind. Media participation in a cover-up is something to consider as well.

UPDATE: Gunrunner and Fast & Furious projects may not be the same thing as some have thought. See There’s Still No Evidence That Eric Holder Knew About Operation Fast and Furious at

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