A gay bellwether

The ruckus about homosexual privileges seems to be the point, a bellwether, for much of the social dialogue in governance. It is pushed as a ‘right’ on a comparison with such institutions as marriage. Some say the government should not define marriage and others want the government to enforce it as traditionally understood. The reason it is showing up in politics is because there is a very vocal group that wants homosexuality to be normal or even respected rather than suffer its fate through history. The political pressure is such that it is creating taints of scandal. GAFFNEY: A smoking gun – How Congress was duped into repealing military homosexual ban describes one such event.

The IG went on to say: “We consider it likely that the primary source disclosed content from the draft Report with the intent to shape a pro-repeal perception of the draft Report prior to its release to gain momentum in support of a legislative change during the ‘lame duck’ session of Congress following the Nov. 2, 2010, elections.”

In other words, legislators were misled by this selective – and endlessly repeated – distortion of the working group’s findings into ignoring some of its other, unpublicized and deeply troubling conclusions. These included a single sentence buried on Page 49 of the CRWG report: “Our sense is that the majority of views expressed were against repeal.”

This follows yet another governor of Illinois going to jail for his actions in filling the senate seat vacated by the President implicated in this questionable debate shaping. And now a story about ‘selling’ the White House chef for campaign contributions?

It is not hard to see why some think corruption is rampant in the political class.

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