Scrambling eggs to make a point

Fast and Furious Backpedaling at the Department of Justice at Powerline will bring you up to date on the effort to blame the U.S. for the weapons used in cartel violence in the Mexican drug trade.

The weapons that were permitted to be smuggled into Mexico under Fast and Furious contributed to the drug violence there. According to ATF agents who testified, that made ATF officials “giddy.” One agent recounted a conversation with an ATF higher-up in which he asked, “are you prepared to go to a border agent’s funeral over this or a Cochise County deputy’s over this, because that’s going to happen.” Her response, in a chilling echo of Lenin, was that “if you are going to make an omelette, you need to scramble some eggs.”

At the same time they were damning gun dealers in public, the administration was secretly forcing them to provide weapons to the cartels, by the armful and without oversight. More than one gun industry insider suggests that the administration extorted cooperation and silence from these gun shops.

So, what’s a law enforcement officer funeral or two if we can advance the agenda for more gun control? After all, the end justifies the means, doesn’t it?

This is an explosive accusation, for which there is no evidence beyond the circumstantial. But Eric Holder’s Department of Justice needs to stop stonewalling Issa’s committee and start providing clear–among other things, unredacted–answers as to who devised Fast and Furious, and why. In the absence of such cooperation, speculation will inevitably run rampant.

There needs to be some better explanation, one that makes sense. The Iran Contra scandal makes a good referent here as that was a ‘take from one bad guy to get at another’ type thing. This one is beginning to look like a crass propaganda ploy with ‘good guys’ being the pawns in a deadly game.

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