proper process

Lorie Byrd at PoliPundit

If Democrat Senators really believe that what is taking place in Iraq or at Guantanamo Bay is comparable to what happened in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, then there are ways to go about building support for investigations and changes in policy. To grandstand on the Senate floor, and engage in the most extreme hyperbole, while dirtying the image of not only the entire administration, but of all U.S. servicemen and women, is not only damaging to the image of America around the world, but dishonors the sacrifices made by the members of the U.S. military.

The prison at Gitmo is one of the most transparent in history. There is an open invitation to legislators on the part of the military for them to see for themselves what it is about. The ICRC makes regular visits. So does the media. Any violation of orders in the treatment of prisoners is promptly investigated. Yet, even this does not seem to be enough.

Amnesty International claimed it was a gulag and then admitted this was a publicity ploy. There is the ‘Turban’ Durbin brouhaha. Now ex President Clinton has joined the prison needs to be closed or cleaned up crowd.

The dishonor is in the dishonesty. It is dishonest to make claims that are just not true. It is dishonest to make analogies that are absurd on their face. It is dishonest to assert a need to clean up what is not dirty. Such dishonesty slanders the country and its actors. As such it is sedition or worse.

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