About that ‘racism’ thing, or is it bigotry?

In pondering the question Are doctors shifting to the left?, there are some implicit assumptions that are enough to make one wonder about racist or bigoted type thinking.

While doctors used to be mainly male small businessmen, who were a natural fit with the Republican Party, they’re now much more likely to be female and employed by larger organizations. … On the whole, younger doctors –and older ones who are sticking with the profession– seem to have the patients’ interest increasingly at heart. And that’s no bad thing.

What seems to be the thought here is that Republicans are only about money and don’t care about people.

That does fit in quite well with the adds that show Republicans tossing granny off the cliff or being forced to subsist on dog food.

But what such a view of a political party says about the holder of that view is not pretty.

What is the alternative? If one assumes that Republicans are ‘normal’ human beings and have much the same longings and desires as everyone else, it must be that they think the best way to help others is some other way than those that depend upon a socialist ideology, some way that has actually worked, some way that benefits all and not just a few.

The first step in figuring that out is going to be to look at one’s aspersions based on political attachments. Then one can start to examine what is put on the table for what it is rather than supposed motivations of the people presenting the ideas.

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