What? me worry? A matter of the law and who you are. maybe.

Dr. Hanson is worried that, without the law there is nothing – and what he sees, which he lists, does not seem to bode well for the law as a standard and civil referent.

I find all this quite frightening for a variety of reasons. Once the
moral high ground is claimed, then legality is constructed as some sort
of reactionary impediment in the way of egalitarian “fairness”. The
process works geometrically: each time the federal government rules by
fiat instead of following the law—for reasons of humanitarianism abroad,
ecological responsibility, worker fairness, gay rights, or empathy for
the alien—it becomes a little bolder the next time.

It is bad enough in California but recent action, or lack thereof, at the federal level brings the problem to a whole new level. Whether it is traffic law rationalized as needed for safety but enforced for revenue or the recent political hack who complained that Republicans were treating illegal aliens as if they had committed a crime, the bedrock of a society seems to be gaining an awful lot of cracks lately. As Hanson notes, big ones, too.

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