The British Memos = smoking gun for impeachment?

There are several memorandums from British Prime Minister meetings in 2002 that have been uncovered. These are being used by people such as Kerry as evidence to support pushing for impeachment of the President. Jon Henke’s entry in the Q and O weblog The British Memos: Analysis (05jn16) provides a summary of the claims and what the memos actually say.

Having laid out all the relevant, notable passages from the Downing Street and assorted other British Memos, I want to address some of the inferences and allegations being drawn from them. I’ll take the allegations made by Think Progress

There is a real problem trying to base a “Bush Lied” allegation on Iraq WMD. Using a memo that was a recollection of an impression of someone else’s perceptions brings the scenario to that of a farce. But being farcical does not seem to matter much these days.

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