The truth will come out eventually? Can we wait that long?

Paul Ryan is the bogeyman du jour when it comes to trying to maintain the status quo. A recent election in New York became an example of demagoguery that Ryan says will not last.

Paul Ryan rejects the narrative being pushed by the liberal media that his proposal to reform Medicare is toxic for the Republican Party. “Demagoguery can work for a short period of time, but it doesn’t last because the truth comes out,” he told Human Events. “Time is on our side. Truth and the facts are on our side, and all we have to do is get the truth out there.”

He added: “It just takes time because you’ve got to get the facts out. If you have a tight time compression, if you have a short period of time, the demagoguery can work, but it can’t last.”

The Medicare part D is often brought up to ‘Bash Bush’ as hypocritical for a massive entitlement. The thing is that it was also an example of the private sector at work, one that shows the way for Medicare reform such as Ryan proposes.

The second point is, and this is an important one, the CBO “doesn’t put any credence into competition.” As Ryan points out, pumping competition and free-market principles into the GOP’s “prescription drug” plan resulted in the program’s coming in 41% under budget. “CBO just does a very crude analysis where they don’t even bother assuming that competition works.”

The first point was getting the facts right avoiding distortions such as shoving grandma off the cliff after forcing her to live off dog food. That someone would actually believe a large portion of Americans are in favor of such things just indicates how depraved the ‘debate’ has become.

What is becoming rather obvious is that something has to change. The question is when. With the truth come out in time to avoid disaster and create solutions before massive intervention becomes necessary?

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