One result of war

A Marine tells the story and shouts out A Thank-you to Islamic Extremists

I will begin by expressing my personal gratitude for the role you have played in the grooming of what is today, the man I am proud to be, a man far removed from the clueless child I was on September 10th, 2001. … Thank you, Islamic extremists, for opening my eyes.

Those such as I who have served honorably in our military, are now pursuing college degrees or personal goals with the same tenacity they displayed on the battlefields of your God-forsaken land. We often hold more life experience than our bosses in the boardroom, and with our knowledge and life skills we are more prepared and determined than ever to enter our capitalist system and further America’s economic dominance, and your economic inferiority.

The image is often that of a bloodthirsty individual of low intelligence and other despicable attributes. The reality is American youth and, as this Marine notes, a good portion of that American youth now has first hand experience in just what it is that is special about the United States. In doing so, they have learned about their own capabilities and worth. That bodes well for the future of all of us.

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