The judicial oligarchy, New Jersey edition

One has to wonder. One court says that tens of thousands of prisoners must be set free in California because their rights were violated and other is telling a state how much it should spend on its education system.

As Judicial Crisis Network’s Carrie Severino explains, “This is just another hit in a long string of cases wherein New Jersey’s highest court has taken on the role of judiciary, appropriator and chief executive.”

Tina Korbe has the story NJ Supreme Court to Christie: Spend more money at Hot Air.

No matter that no one has been able to show that more money means a better education. No matter that the meaning of a “thorough and efficient” education has no effective definition. No matter that only one method is allowable. No matter whether or not there is money to meet the judicial demands.

It does appear that process of accountability in governance have been tossed aside.

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