“We’re not the Ninth Ward”

It’s not a vain pride, it is an American facing reality and dealing with it. IBD describes Mississippi’s Floodbeaters. These are farmers who anticipated the flood and took precautions as best they could.

News photographs from tiny Vicksburg, Miss., where 2,100 people have been displaced, showed dozens of farm houses along the Mississippi River and its Yazoo tributary encircled by homemade levees, many of them shielding these homes from the destruction of the river. … IBD called around the area and found that these levees were the result of self-reliant farmers taking matters in their own hands in a classic instance of Made In America preparation, initiative and ingenuity.

The floods from the tsunami in Japan were sea water and unprecedented. In the Mississippi floodplain, the floods are an expected river behavior and leave behind a load of fresh topsoil. There will be losses. But it looks like these folks know, and accept, the costs of their chosen livelihood and will pick up what they’ve managed to save and put their farms back together when the floods subside – and keep on truckin’ … without the whining, complaining, accusing, and continual pleading for someone else to do it for them that was seen after the hurricane.

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