Of our kind: Israel

The problem is whether or not we can determine who isn’t of our kind – or if being of our kind is a good thing or not. Bill Murchison uses Israel as an example.

When was the last time we saw throngs of Israelis filling public
squares to call for their leaders’ ouster or demise? When was the last
time we saw Israeli security forces shooting down unarmed demonstrators?
The answer to both questions is the same: We haven’t ever seen it. It
hasn’t happened. Massacres in the Middle East are a phenomenon we see
outside Israel, not within.

“Why” isn’t a question that needs to
be asked or answered right now. The fact of Israel’s unique standing in
the Middle East is the matter in need of underscoring. …

A bigger reason for the cordiality of which I speak
concerns basic values. Israel’s civic values are recognizable as Western
values — love of freedom, dislike of tyranny; willingness to lay lives
on the line in defense of both values.

It is not honest to pretend that the rest of the middle east behaves like the Israelis, or us, or has the same values. And if one desires to put the behavior and values of the rest as above those of western civilization, it should cause some wonder about just how one defines good and bad.

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