More over the top

Captain Ed notes about those detained at Gitmo:

They are not criminals, and they do not have a right to access the American court system. Their status under the Geneva Convention is that of an unlawful combatant — which technically means that the US could have them shot after a military tribunal. Instead, we have chosen to keep them alive and house them humanely while interrogating them thoroughly in order to save American lives. If that means they get cold, or hot, or have little accidents on the floor, then so be it. That isn’t torture or even abuse.

And Durbin, who should know better, has the nerve to compare American soldiers to Nazis and Gitmo to the extermination camps they ran.

Finally, the analogy to the Japanese internment camps simply boggles the mind.

When will such ignorant or even knowingly false assertions that are harmful to the country and its properly established policies and actions be called to account? The Senator Durbin example shows that such expressions are starting to stir more controversy and debate. There is reason to hope that this will make such rhetoric and behavior more visible and better presented in a proper reference. That is the proper path towards education of the public. And it is when people know and understand that they can respond and act appropriately.

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