Whither propaganda goest?

The PC propaganda:

In the Walt Disney film, the Europeans are portrayed as evil, coming to the New World only in search of gold and the desire to kill Indians. The Indians, on the other hand, are all portrayed as benevolent and good, living simply and peacefully.

The reality:

the English settlers came to America in search of freedom, … Freedom was so important to the settlers that they endured many hardships and suffering such as fire, drought, Indian attacks, disease, starvation and death which wiped out half the colony.

The Indians, on the other hand, were, for the most part, uncivilized and roamed the countryside warring with each other and other tribes. They tortured and murdered prisoners with ceremonial dancing and feasts, scalped strangers, and annually sacrificed 2-3 children chosen by witch doctors. They were doing this before white men ever appeared on the shore.

The example by Charlotte Cushman is the unknown story of Pocahontas. The foil is a 1995 Disney film. The question is why the Disney film has the history so distorted and why that distortion is in line with the anti-American theme.

The same ‘noble savages’ vs ‘evil, greedy western civilization (white) people who don’t care about nature or peace’ meme can be seen in many ‘documentaries’ that center on U.S. Western expansion made in the last twenty years or so. It is a part and parcel of the effort to deny that the intellectual and technological advancement expressed as a result of western civilization have any impact on improving the human condition. That sort of denial can only exist as long as the actual human condition of the American Indian tribes is not likely to present itself yet again and there is little risk of being subject to the reality of what was.

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