Irrational roads

Consumer Reports: Survey finds Americans want more laws for safer roads – this despite historic low driving risk.

The study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that 62 percent of Americans want more laws to prevent people from dangerous behavior behind the wheel and 57 percent want their state to do more to make roads safer. Seventy percent feel that driving laws should be more strictly enforced.

The conflict to consider is the existing gap between driver behavior and traffic enforcement, especially in light of statistical safety trends. Perhaps more effort needs to be in why there are so many laws currently in effect that are ineffective and poorly enforced.

What this survey is indicating is that a majority of people think that their judgment on the road is inferior to that of ‘big brother’ and they’d rather have someone else dictate their driving behavior rather than do it themselves. The seek zero tolerance pre-emptive safety rather than responsive risk assignment. Such an approach, thinking government is the solution rather than the individual, has never been a very pleasant path.

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