NLRB vs American prosperity

Whether it is the local teacher’s union president asking folks to call their representatives so the teachers can have more money, labor unions in Wisconsin making death threats and trashing the capital, or the government, there is an attack on U.S. prosperity by labor in the old Marxist style from a century ago.

The latest episode is the effort to have Boeing close down its efforts to open an assembly line in South Carolina. Mark Perry has the story.

The new jetliner assembly plant would be the first one built in the U.S.
in 40 years. It would create new American jobs at a time when most
employers are hunkered down. It would expand the domestic footprint of
the nation’s leading exporter and make it more competitive against
emerging plane makers from China, Russia and elsewhere. And it would
bring hope to a state burdened by double-digit unemployment—with the
construction phase alone estimated to create more than 9,000 total jobs.

But labor wants to shut it down with the government’s help. The unions operate on a zero sum game basis (wikipedia) much like many politicians do, and figure any gains in SC are losses in WA.

Somebody has to create the wealth for the labor unions to tap. You’d think they’d realize that a war on production has never yielded desirable results.

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