Seeking credibility at any cost

The effort to legitimize the homosexual lifestyle by social acceptance has reached into many corners. Recent headlines mention Navy Chaplains and gay marriages. The judicial oligarchy is trying to overturn a public referendum in California in regards to the matter. Mark Roberts notes that Presbyterians Will Revise Ordination Standards: A Brief Response to This Change in the PC(USA).

I am actually more distressed by the way our new paragraph speaks of how we are to regard biblical authority over our personal and corporate life. Until now, we have said “Those who are called to office in the church are to lead a life of obedience to Scripture . . . .” Now we will say “Governing bodies shall be guided by Scripture. . . .” Nowhere do we call individual leaders or governing bodies to obey Scripture. Guidance implies far less than obedience.

It would be one thing to just let it be, to not punish the chosen lifestyle. But, for the homosexual community, this is not enough. That community not only seeks rights and privileges of marriage, for instance, they also demand the social and religious trappings thereof. The thirty year battle with the Presbyterian Church illustrates that they also want to whitewash any implications of their behavior and gain the credence of authority for it as well.

It is an elevation and an escalation that is somewhat like that Roman who washed his hands of the blood of Christ a couple thousand years ago. All of the efforts one might make to cleanse oneself and construct credentials testifying to quality do not change the substance of the matter. One has to wonder why they do not seek a less telling approach to their desires and behaviors.

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