About that political discourse

A review of the book The Lies of Sarah Palin describes the Palin Derangement Syndrome evident in the book. That provides a behavior overview for those trying to understand modern political hate dialog from the left. It is a cutting review full of zingers.

It seems that everyone has something to say about Palin, not least Geoffrey Dunn, an investigative reporter and Huffington Post contributor who has regurgitated the political bile of the last two election cycles in 400-plus pages of unsubstantial but toxic prose. “The Lies of Sarah Palin” is an extended ad hominem attack with little fresh information, analysis, or insight. …

The book’s central thesis is that Palin is ambitious and deceitful. The first accusation seems irrelevant. Unless we alter our political process so as to foist public office on resisting citizens as punishment, we must accept that our representatives will be ambitious. Let it go.

Dunn’s second point – that Palin habitually plays fast and loose with the truth – has more significant implications for a public official. Though, again – really? A politician fudged? This merits a book? Dunn’s argument is made particularly thin by the examples he provides. …

His indignation might be more persuasive if he offered new or compelling information for his charges; however, the bulk of his case against Palin is built out of conversations with people who don’t like her. The result doesn’t feel so much like rigorous reporting as a transcript of the seventh grade. …

Dunn’s extensive interviews might have been put to better use in analyzing why Palin inspires such strong reactions, or what she suggests about contemporary politics.

even as he laments how snarky and petty Palin’s discourse is, he gleefully serves up more of the same.

The review is about a book that attempts to create a reality to fit the author’s desires. In this case, it appears that the divergence from the creation and the reality is rather wide – a gap that can only be glossed over if one is rather invested in the false reality presented.

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