Weaseling fantasies with dictionary distortions

Using the word “torture” instead of “enhanced interrogation” makes a great sound bite, but it’s dishonest, disrespectful, shallow, and stupid.

Since the director of the CIA has asserted that “enhanced interrogation techniques” helped find UBL, the torture meme has come up for a new round. Neill Arnhart provides a comparison and contrast to consider at Canada Free Press. He also takes on the platitudes about what is obtained in prisoner interrogation.

We don’t need them to confess. We know what they did. We caught them in the process of doing it, in many cases. What we needed was information to help stop other people from committing the same types of crimes.

Condemning US torture is on a par with the assertions about US imperialism. Both are based on fantasies not truly represented in reality. Zbigniew Mazurak says America is not an empire and explains why such an assertion is absurd on its face.

But being an absurd reflection of reality does not seem to bother some folks. That is a worry.

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